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AUTHENTIC & HARDWORKING --- Patriot Metals embodies the Heartbeat of America.


Patriot Metals is FINE .999 Silver for Americans. It's made in the USA by private enterprise, not made by a government.


This is a line of Certified Bullion. Available to be placed in IRA account, the current product offerings are 10 troy ounce, 1 Kilo, and 100 troy ounce silver bars.


The STACKER® series is arguably one of the more sought after bullion products available and typically commands higher resale value on the open auction markets. With interlocking groves, the stacking feature is perfect for those needing to build a position in silver. Finely reeded edges and a swirl pattern on the reverse make this one of the more secure bars available.


After Academy Corporation was purchased by Materion in 2011, the Academy bars were eventually taken off the market as they turned their focus to the semiconductor industry.   In late 2012 the sale and spin-off of the investment bar division from Materion to Scottsdale Mint was completed.   The Stackers® are now precision manufactured by the ISO 9001-2008 accredited Scottsdale Mint in Arizona, USA and the Patriot brand of bars is only available through 2nd party dealers. (Not available to the public from Scottsdale)


If your local coin shop or favorite store online doesn't carry Patriot yet, just ask them.


DEALERS: You can inquire at 888-745-2279, extension 405




It's not just a commodity, Patriot Metals is the of ownership of real wealth....made by us, not a central bank.

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